I'm looking for a right hand man (or woman) to help me grow my personal brand. You'll work directly with me every day to help create a content juggernaut that (eventually) reaches millions.

This is the perfect role for someone who is hungry to learn and grow. There's no bureaucratic paperwork or super-long protocols to follow. You'll wear multiple hats, and have lots of freedom and creative control.

Salary: $30,000

Type of Job: Full time

Closing Date for Applications: October 10, 2020

Note: If there are some things that don't fit you in this application, but you feel you'd be perfect for the job, please apply and explain your situation. I'm happy to be flexible for the perfect candidate.

Who am I?

I'm a digital marketer, BYU Dropout, and "digital nomad" (sort of) who makes videos and writes articles about life, philosophy, self-development, and entrepreneurship. You can review my YouTube channel here and see my marketing agency here.

While my personal brand is currently quite small, I know exactly how to grow it and just need someone to handle the day-to-day execution.

The Day to Day

Here's what you'll be doing...

  • Editing YouTube Videos using Final Cut Pro X (up to 15 hours for some videos)
  • Researching and writing scripts for educational YouTube videos and articles.
  • Posting Videos to YouTube
  • Editing Photos for YouTube Thumbnails, Blog Headers, and Social Media
  • Posting content across various social media platforms (eg: YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email).
  • Managing and growing various streams of revenue.
  • Suggesting video ideas
  • Formatting and publishing blog posts I write
  • Assisting in converting some of my videos into articles, eg: Minimalist entrepreneurship, personal development experiences


It would take a miracle to convince me to hire you without these.

  • At least 1 year of video editing experience in Final Cut Pro X
  • At least 1 year of photo editing experience
  • You understand what I'm trying to create with my YouTube channel
  • You own an apple computer capable of processing high quality video footage relatively quickly
  • You're extremely organized (or willing to become so)
  • You care about productivity (i.e. - you have a workspace optimized to get things done, you don't work with your phone next to you all day)

Perks of the Job

  • Vacation Time - You'll have 4 weeks of paid vacation time + national holidays and weekends.
  • Development - You’ll learn / improve a set of very useful skills like writing, content marketing, research, advertising, managing, video production, video editing etc.
  • Flexibility - You’ll work from home, and while you'll need to be available during certain times of day most of the time, you can make your own hours.
  • Impact - Your work will be seen by millions of people around the world, and hopefully impact them in a positive way.
  • Adventure - You’ll be able to join travel opportunities and other fun things that come with working in a choose-your-own-adventure business.
  • Ownership - If you’ve got fun or interesting ideas that align with my goals for the business, you’ll have free reign to make them happen without having to wade through red tape and middle-management.
  • Mentorship - You’ll work directly with me every day, for whatever that’s worth. I'd hope you'd be able to learn from my experience of building businesses, growing an audience and wearing lots of hats at once.

The Ideal Applicant

1. You’re based in Utah or Travel there often

2. You work quickly

3. You’re up to committing to the project for at least a year (hopefully longer)

4. You speak and write English fluently

5. You’ve reviewed my YouTube channel and like the content

6. You’ve got some experience writing

7. You’ve got some interest in self-development, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and/or personal finance. Lots of our content will be based around these topics, so having an existing interest in them will make things much more fun.

8. You own Final Cut Pro X

9. You enjoy reading self-improvement books.

10. You're good at figuring stuff out. You're willing and able to learn new skills by using Google and YouTube, and don't shy away from responsibility.

11. You don't mind religious-themed content

12. You have some coding background (This is a bonus)

The Hiring Process

  • Upload your resume and answer a few questions using this google form.
  • I'll shortlist the top 2-4 candidates based on their resume.
  • If you're shortlisted, you'll get an email with a trial task (Something like editing part of a video - expect around 2 hours total).
  • I'll interview the final few people over Zoom!